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We carry honey, olive oil, jams, olives, beef jerky, nuts, and so much more. Best of all it's locally made!


The Pluot

is a hybrid of plum & Apricot. The intense, complex flavors are superior!


Dapple Dandy

Local Products

Freestone Peaches & Tree Ripened Fruit


When you visit Sodaro Orchards Fruit Stand you know you'll be enjoying mouth-watering, tree-ripened homegrown fruit! Grown for 5 generations here on the ranch in Yuba County's rich soil, and picked fresh daily. Our freestone peaches along with our cherries, apricots, nectarines, plums, pluots, and much more contain mouth-watering goodness coaxed from carefully tended trees by the fourth and fifth-generation orchardist.

How do I pick out a good watermelon?


If you pick a bad one, you’re stuck with 15-20 whopping pounds of watermelon terribleness. And then your options are to either force yourself to eat this yucky watermelon or throw it away…and both are less than desirable options.

Learn more about the health benefits of farm fresh produce.
And now, with the local growing season in full swing, getting your daily dose is easier than ever. Our produce stand is your unrivaled source for the best and most nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.



our 49'er


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