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Our Story


It all began with Tom and Carmela having an Italian arranged marriage and settling in with John and Rose Sodaro starting the first Sodaro Fruit Stand in Nebraska called the AK-SAR-BEN. This name represented the place that John and Rose first met, Omaha Nebraska. There they started their family and had two children Rosalie and John.
After establishing a fine fruit market in the 1940's, the Sodaro's packed up the family and decided to start their next adventure by venturing to Sunnyvale California and commenced the first of two stands where they proudly continued their passion of produce.
The Sodaro family moved to Marysville in 1960 and continued to grow quality produce and established a strong relationship within the community. At a young age John learned the tricks of the trade in the farming life. He worked by his fathers' side, just as his father did before him. The Sodaro family established an excellent rapport with their customers and people would come from all around. Not only to purchase the best peaches of the North, but to be welcomed with smiles, low prices, and surrounded in a loving family atmosphere.
John married his wife Jody and raised four children on their ranch in District 10. Sara, Tommy, Jennifer and Johnny. John and Grandpa Tom taught each one of us traditions and the daily life of farming and running a prominent, traditional Italian, yet successful fruit stand business. 
Their oldest child Sara had that agriculture passion and was destined to farm. She married a neighboring farmer, the love of her life, Josh Baggett. Josh also carried the passion to continue the family farm business as a second generation rice farmer.  Josh's father Bill Baggett was raised in Colusa and became a successful self-taught farmer who passed on that hard work ethic to Josh.   So, in 2008 when John and Jody had decided to retire, Bill and Sharon were more than happy to back that opportunity. With the sudden passing of Bill in 2008 Josh and his brother Paul assisted their mother in purchasing the ranch and today the Sodaro Orchard's is ran by Josh and Sara Baggett.   John and Jody were confident in their teachings and retired fully knowing that Sara, Josh and their family would carry on the traditions taught to them and begin the fifth generation for Sodaro Orchards. Josh and Sara have three beautiful children; Austin, Alyssa, and Ashley who you will often find learning the ropes and working in the fruit stand as well as proudly promoting the family business through radio and newspaper advertisements.
Grandpa John Sodaro's dream of farming and providing quality produce with family values began in 1930 and continues today. When a customer comes to Sodaro Orchards they can be sure that a Sodaro or a Baggett will be assisting them. Sodaro Orchards is a family owned and operated business. We offer quality peaches and produce while continuing to keep our family tradition with the same family morals and customer service that was handed down from generation to generation.
Thank you for being a part of our past and for becoming a part of our future.

Come grow with us at Sodaro's Orchard Fruit Stand!

Call :530-743-7735

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